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Installation Process




Installation Process:


An ideal installation begins by selecting the proper ductless system, one that is designed with the correct capacity to meet the controlled space heat load demand.


Ductless systems are available in a variety of different capacities. Depending on their brand, ductless systems are available from 9,000 BTU’s all the way to 36,000 BTU’s.


The next step is to determine the voltage requirements for the aforementioned ductless system. Since ductless systems are available in both 120VAC and 240VAC, it is extremely important to identify the proper voltage requirements to ensure proper installation.


Some brands include the necessary accessories to complete the ductless system installation. Some of those accessories are:


  • Line set
  • Communication cable
  • Line set insulation
  • Protective raceway track to protect the line set.



Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvements:


The pandemic has forever changed our way of living life. From the mundane day-to-day operations, all the way down to a newfound desire to understand how we can all improve our indoor air quality conditions. Worry not, we’re here to help! (with the latter that is)


When it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) there are several different brands containing a wide array of different technologies designed to reduce allergens, and static electricity, as well as control odors, (pets, cooking, smoke, and many others).


Thus, we highly recommend selecting the correct IAQ accessory by making sure that your choice delivers the following features:


  • Is highly versatile and designed for ductless indoor cooling coil applications
  • Requires low or no-maintenance
  • Has few or no replacement parts
  • Compact design for the right cooling coil size
  • Flexible enough to accommodate virtually any application on the field
  • Chemical and temperature resistant (durable for a long service life)
  • Flexible voltage input (110VAC to 240 VAC)
  • Has the capability to kill mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and airborne particles
  • Maintains the cooling coil cleaner
  • Non ozone generator
  • Doesn’t generate any harmful by products
  • UL and cUL approved.



Each and every one of the features listed above are paramount when selecting the correct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accessory. Be sure to contact your HVAC service provider to assist you in making the correct selection.




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