Not All Ductless Systems are Created Equal


Here’s a brief history about the development of ductless systems over the years:
First of all, a ductless system is usually identified as a mini-split system. Initially, older mini-split
system models were designed as single zone, single speed systems. Initially mini-splits were
commonly installed in garages and/or add-ons to a building that could not accommodate the
installation of a ductwork.
Pioneered outside the USA, it was originally developed as a step up to a window unit. The main
vision was the same, to provide spot cooling to homes and buildings where a more complete,
whole-system approach was unfeasible due to space or financial constraints, but ultimately
delivering a more efficient and economical way to provide a cooling and heating solution.
Over the years, advances in technology, paved the way for a wider variety of different uses and
applications. From a service and maintenance point of view, ductless mini-split systems
established a reputation of reliability, as well as the benefits of being able to control your
comfort level on a zone-by-zone basis.
Another great benefit was in the ability to remotely locate the outdoor unit of the system, and
thus removing or eliminating the sound-bearing components from the occupied space. Another
great benefit lays in the minimum maintenance requirements.
Selecting the right ductless system for your installation begins with correct matching system
with the correct capabilities for your application. In addition is important to evaluate the
different features that are included in your equipment. Today, customers will find a multitude
of different options that are available. However, it’s important to look beyond pricing as the
only feature when making the decision to select the correct system.
Among the different key features to look for are:
 Warranties
 Customer Service Support
 AHRI Certification
 Noise Level in decibels
 410A Refrigerant type
 Heat Pump functionality
 Coil corrosion protection
 Wi-Fi ready

Whatever the future brings, one thing is certain: Ductless technology will continue to be at the
forefront of innovation and will continue to deliver customer friendly solutions to satisfy the
market demands.


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